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David Borish AI Design
David Borish


Creative Technologist & AI Strategist with 20+ years in building Companies & Brands. Author of "AI Chronicle" Newsletter & "AI 2024" Book & Guest Lecturer on AI at NYU School of Professional Studies

In a career spanning two decades, I've navigated the intricate landscape of entrepreneurship and artificial intelligence, weaving a tale of innovation and business growth. As a seasoned professional, my journey as a multi-startup founder has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence in AI strategy and innovation.

Case Studies



Primo AI

 Optimizing Voice TechnologieS


Recognizing the differences in responses from Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices based on dialects, I conceptualized PRIMO AI. This innovative solution aggregates top voice technologies globally, leveraging artificial intelligence to simultaneously search, collect, and rank results. By tailoring the recommendations to each particular dialect spoken.On · Mar 5, 2019 I was granted a patent for AI Voice Search Assistant - US 10,224,035

PLSAR Energy

optimizing waste oil treatment system


Working on a project for PLSAR, Inc., I played a key role in developing the largest carbon reduction model for treating heavy waste oil. By employing AI, we built a model that could automatically determine the specific formulation required to treat various specifications of waste oil. This approach not only minimizes waste but also guarantees the production of low-sulphur oil consistently, all while emitting zero additional CO2.

Primo AI



A recent project that I worked on involved building the first conversational AI agent with a comprehensive knowledge base encompassing the entire mobile home park industry. The agent has the ability to remember past conversations and can continue diving deeper into any subject matter related to mobile homes and parks across the country. This agent was trained and hosted on the client's own server, eliminating the risk of a data breach and giving the client the flexibility to scale their solution in the future.

Primo AI
Expert Advice


David is a seasoned entrepreneur and AI expert with over two decades of experience in driving innovation and business growth. As a multi-startup founder, he has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence in AI strategy and innovation.

At PLSAR, Inc., David developed and implemented a comprehensive AI strategy, leading the development of a machine learning model that significantly reduced inefficiencies within the decarbonization platform. This achievement highlights his ability to translate strategic vision into tangible results.

Throughout the past decade, David has made significant contributions to various industries by integrating artificial intelligence. In the video technology sector, he conceptualized and led the development of the industry's first high-speed 360-degree camera rig, capable of capturing an impressive 12,000 frames per second. To complement this hardware innovation, he developed a machine learning algorithm to efficiently manage and process the vast amounts of data generated by the camera rig.

David's expertise also extends to pioneering voice search technology. He conceptualized, patented, and prototyped the first voice search assistant. Additionally, he specializes in recommending top-performing Speech-to-text (STT) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) services tailored to specific datasets and geographical regions.

As an AI integration expert, David seamlessly incorporates cutting-edge technologies into creative and operational workflows. With extensive experience in establishing and nurturing businesses, he brings a unique combination of strategic foresight, technical expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit to the table.

Currently, David shares his knowledge as a Mentor to the NYU University Endless Labs startup program and as a guest lecturer on AI at the NYU Professional program. He also serves as a global AI Strategist, advising companies on effectively integrating the latest AI advancements to drive success in the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Sample use cases


Modern Music Studio


AI technology can revolutionize the music studio industry by enhancing creative processes, improving sound quality, and streamlining production workflows. From composition assistance to automated mastering, AI-powered tools offer immense value to musicians, producers, and recording studios.


Here are examples of how we can implement A.I. into Music Studios:

  • AI-powered composition assistance tools can generate musical ideas, harmonies, and melodies based on user inputs, speeding up the creative process.

  • Machine learning algorithms can analyze music tracks and provide real-time feedback on arrangements, chord progressions, and overall structure.

  • AI can enhance sound quality by automatically removing noise, improving mixing and mastering techniques, and enhancing instrument sounds.

  • Intelligent virtual assistants can automate routine tasks like organizing files, managing project timelines, and suggesting optimal production workflows.

  • AI algorithms can analyze listener data, identify trends, and provide insights into audience preferences, helping artists make data-driven decisions for marketing and promotions.

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AI for Fintech


AI has the potential to revolutionize the fintech industry by enabling smarter decision-making, improving fraud detection, enhancing customer experience, and automating repetitive tasks. From personalized financial advice to risk assessment algorithms, AI can help fintech companies drive innovation and deliver superior services.

Here are examples of how we can implement A.I. into Fintech Companies:

  • AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can provide personalized financial advice, answer customer queries, and offer tailored recommendations for investment strategies.

  • Machine learning algorithms can analyze vast amounts of financial data in real-time, enabling more accurate risk assessment and fraud detection.

  • AI algorithms can automate the process of credit scoring, loan approvals, and underwriting, reducing processing time and improving efficiency.

  • Natural language processing (NLP) can analyze customer feedback, social media data, and market sentiment to provide valuable insights for product development and marketing campaigns.

  • AI can automate routine tasks such as transaction monitoring, regulatory compliance, and document verification.

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AI for Marketing


AI technologies offer immense potential for marketing companies, empowering them to deliver personalized campaigns, optimize advertising strategies, and gain deeper insights into customer behavior. From predictive analytics to automated content generation to help drive customer engagement.

Here are examples of how we can implement A.I. into Marketing Companies:

  • AI-powered recommendation systems can analyze customer data to deliver personalized product recommendations, improving customer satisfaction and driving sales.

  • Machine learning algorithms can analyze customer behavior, demographic data, and purchase history to identify patterns and predict future buying trends.

  • AI can automate content generation by producing personalized emails, social media posts, and website copy, ensuring targeted messaging for different customer segments.

  • Natural language processing can analyze customer feedback and sentiment analysis to gauge brand perception and identify areas for improvement.

  • AI-powered advertising platforms can optimize ad placements, target specific audience segments, and analyze campaign performance in real-time.

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