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A visionary and serial entrepreneur, David has spent a quarter-century defying convention and spearheading transformative changes across various sectors.

The impact of David's groundbreaking work has been recognized by media outlets such as Forbes Magazine, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur, and CNBC, covering his journey as an AI Strategist, Creative Technologist, Entrepreneur, and Brand Builder.

Born and raised amidst the vibrant energy of Queens, New York in the 1980's, David now resides with his family in Manhattan. He continues to captivate audiences as an in-demand public speaker, engaging podcast guest, and trusted advisor to esteemed global organizations.



2022 - 2023

Leveraging his expertise in building and expanding celebrity brands for more than a decade, David joined forces with renowned celebrity photographer Johnny Nuñez. Together, they transformed Johnny's extensive 26-year photography archives into multiple business verticals. Among their exciting ventures, a lemonade beverage brand is set to launch in July 2023, accompanied by a range of forthcoming announcements.

Johnny Nunez Photography
PLSAR designed by David Wiener
PLSR Logo.png

2018 - Present

David, the Co-founder of PLSAR Energy, leads a global force in the energy transition sector. PLSAR's revolutionary, scalable decarbonization and renewable energy technologies target the annual capture and removal of 5 billion tons of CO2e. David played a pivotal role in uniting the technology and business teams, while crafting the company's core revenue models.



David, Co-founder of neo360, pioneered a groundbreaking touchscreen video clip control technology. It was embraced by renowned sports leagues like the NFL and NRL. Additionally, he introduced the first-ever high-speed 360-degree camera rig, which captured the winning VR Film at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.

Moguls Mobile by Daymond John Qwerty Keyboard
Moguls Mobile by Daymond John and David


David partnered with Daymond John, founder of FUBU and star of ABC's Shark Tank, to establish Moguls Mobile by Daymond John. Together, they led the creative advancement of their mobile product line, introducing groundbreaking innovations. Notably, in 2015, they sold the industry's first VR headset on television (QVC) and in 2016, they unveiled the pioneering QWERTY keyboard case for iPhone.

Glam Screen by Jonathan Cheban  and David Borish


David teamed up with TV personality Jonathan Cheban, also known as Foodgod, to co-found a Glam Screen. Serving as the Chief Creative Director, David spearheaded the development of all mobile accessories throughout the brand's tenure. With the support of the Kardashian family, the company's mirror screen protector (GlamScreen) and other products achieved viral success. Check out the image on the right.

Kris Jenner_Glam_Screen
David Borish CTO of Crowdhut in TechCrunch
CrowdHut by David Borish


David was a Co-founder of Crowdhut, an innovative e-commerce platform and product fulfillment service catering to the crowdfunding industry. Crowdhut aimed to assist entrepreneurs who had successfully funded their projects but lacked a go-to-market strategy. It provided supplementary distribution channels for their products. While being the pioneer in the market, Amazon later adopted a similar business model once the industry had matured.



Amidst the 2008 recession, David established Midtown Capital Group's security-based loan origination product. His focus was on major banks' loan offerings, aiming to provide borrowers with optimal terms. The product rapidly gained traction and, in 2010, the company achieved a successful acquisition by RCG Private Equity. David's loan product remains relevant and widely utilized in today's market.

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