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The Mirror will See You Now: NuraLogix MagicMirror™ A Breakthrough in AI-Driven Health Assessments

The Mirror Will See You Now
The Mirror Will See You Now

NuraLogix, a trailblazer in Affective Ai™ technology, has unveiled its latest innovation at CES 2024 – the Anura™ MagicMirror™. This groundbreaking tabletop smart mirror utilizes facial blood flow analysis to provide accurate assessments of vital signs and potential disease risks. Powered by NuraLogix's cloud-based Affective Ai™ platform, DeepAffex™, this device marks a significant leap forward in making precise health data easily accessible in various settings.

Versatility and Accessibility

The Anura™ MagicMirror™ boasts a versatile 21.5" screen, catering to a wide range of industry partners, from retailers and gyms to schools and doctors' offices. Recognized as a CES 2024 Innovation Award Honoree for Digital Health, this smart mirror promises to impact the lives of employees, customers, and patients across diverse sectors.

Seamless Health Assessments

Designed for speed and accuracy, the Anura™ MagicMirror™ conducts comprehensive physical and mental health assessments with a simple 30-second scan. This innovative approach eliminates the need for manual inputs, ensuring ease of use for individuals with mobility issues, the elderly, and more.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The magic behind Anura™ MagicMirror™ lies in NuraLogix's patented Transdermal Optical Imaging (TOI™) technology, a form of Remote Photoplethysmography (rPPG). This technology automatically detects a user's face, identifies key regions of interest, and extracts crucial blood flow information. The collected data is then sent to the cloud-based DeepAffex™ platform, utilizing advanced signal processing and machine learning AI algorithms to calculate over 100 health parameters.

Beyond Physical Health

What sets Anura™ MagicMirror™ apart is its ability to not only measure physical health vitals but also conduct mental health assessments and health risk evaluations. From blood pressure and cardiac workload to mental stress and depression health risk, the mirror covers a wide spectrum of health indicators.

Proven Research Models

NuraLogix's commitment to innovation is backed by research, with their models featured in 11 global peer-reviewed publications. Ongoing studies cover critical topics such as hypertension, cardiovascular risk, diabetes, and fatty liver disease.

NuraLogix's Anura™ MagicMirror™ stands as the latest addition to their portfolio of health solutions, showcasing their commitment to advancing Affective Ai™ and revolutionizing health monitoring. 


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